Things To Do In Catskills

Welcome to the Catskills, where nature's beauty surrounds you. Here, you can hike forest trails that lead to stunning views or fish in crystal-clear streams. Discover charming small towns with local art and fresh farm-to-table meals.

For adventure lovers, zip-lining through lush canopies awaits! Whether looking for relaxation or excitement, this mountain haven serves up endless activities year-round to make every visit unforgettable. So pack your bags—you're about to create memories at every turn in the majestic Catskills!

Visit the Historic Thomas Cole House

Step into the Thomas Cole House, where art meets history. Here you find works by Sarah Cole and Susie Barstow among others who reshaped landscape painting. Their tales challenge old views that held back women artists in the 1800s.

Now, their works tell new stories as they hang beside modern pieces at this historic site in Catskills – a spot not just about past splendor but also present inspiration. Explore these changing landscapes of American art when looking for things to do amidst Catskill's beauty—this exhibition offers a fresh lens on what we see around us every day.


Explore Catskill Mountains Hiking Trails

Lace up your boots for a hike in the Catskills, where trails weave through rugged peaks and scenic valleys. Tackle Slide Mountain, towering at 4,204 feet—it's the tallest here. The western slopes near towns like Liberty offer family-friendly paths with ponds to discover.

Dive into wilderness history as you tread paths that inspired landscape paintings and conservation itself. Grab the Trail Conference’s six-map set—they show all park trails plus handy descriptions on their backs—no need for bulky guidebooks. Whether it’s lofty summits or sprawling landscapes you seek, prepare to be enthralled by America’s first noted wilds right outside New York City.


Tour Olana State Historic Site

Take your chance to see Olana State Historic Site. People love this place so much that it won top awards! It's ranked with the best spots in the world on Trip Advisor.

Plus, locals picked it as number one for history in a big vote. Make sure you get there early before your tour stars; around 30 minutes should do. Park up and head over to sign in without any rush.

If you join as a member, tours are yours to enjoy anytime—no extra pay needed. Click online and check how! There’s even more good stuff if you’re local or have certain passes—you might just walk about free or at low cost!

When shopping at Olana Museum Store comes time, each thing you buy helps keep the site great for all who visit after. And don’t worry—if getting around is tough—the main areas got ways to help out like lifts made for wheelchairs and more.


Stroll Through Woodstock’s Quaint Streets

Take a walk down Woodstock's streets. You'll find shops, each with its own charm. Meet artists selling their work; it adds color to your day.

Enjoy the feel of small-town life as you pass cozy coffee spots and eateries where locals greet one another by name—taste treats from family-run bakeries or grab ice cream made right there in town. Remember these paths are walked for peace since the ‘60s—that spirit still lives here. Peek into galleries where modern art meets history, showing how creativity thrives in this nook of the Catskills—a place that keeps drawing people back not just for sights but stories held within its quaint corners.


Fishing in Willowemoc Creek

Head to Willowemoc Creek for an outdoor treat. Deep in the Catskills, it's a spot where anglers find joy. This creek, once called "Whelenaughwemack," winds through mountains and valleys, offering prime spots for trout fishing enthusiasts.

Starting high at 2,900 feet amid Beaverkill peaks, it rushes down fast. It then eases into calmer flows perfect for brook trout, which thrive naturally with abundant food. As you cast your line among hemlocks by the bank of upper Willowemoc or wade through easy-going waters downstream near Livingston Manor, expect wild brownies too; while not native like their brookie cousins these fish still flourish wonderfully well!

Each catch might measure up from six inches (brook) to ten (brown), creating ideal conditions whether you're starting out or have years behind each cast. Go fish those vibrant streams! Remember: respect this precious ecosystem so future generations can also enjoy its gifts.

Relax at Covered Bridge Campsite

Imagine this: you're nestled among trees at a campsite that whispers tales from the past. A stone's throw away, water dances through the Esopus Creek with gentle or lively steps—your pick. You might even catch sight of an eagle soaring above!

With Woodstock’s artistic spirit lingering just around the bend and Phoenicia’s small-town charm so close by, your retreat is steeped in history yet brimming with simple joys. Choose to kick back near a historic covered bridge—one landmark often sought after for its picturesque beauty—and let nature's symphony lull you into calmness come nightfall. Here, it isn't about fancy frills; it's about embracing what has been and what flows on endlessly—the Catskills’ natural allure drawing you back time after time.

Discover Kaaterskill Falls’ Natural Beauty

You must see Kaaterskill Falls, where nature's power stuns. Picture this: you're walking by a loud creek, the roar drowns out nearby cars. You'll find signs there; they warn of risks in these beautiful yet untamed lands.

Think twice and gear up with caution – good shoes are key if you tread towards those cascading waters. Many aim for that hike; it's tough but worth every step as you climb closer to the falls' rush. On icy days, wish I'd had spikes on my boots!

Yet even slipping like a penguin across slick paths can't dim its wild charm. Remember though—stay sharp out there because beauty here doesn't mean safety is guaranteed.

Ski at Hunter Mountain Resort

Hit the slopes at Hunter Mountain, where snow lovers find their bliss. Picture yourself gliding down freshly groomed trails or taking a lesson if you’re new to skiing or boarding. You don't need your gear; rent what you need right there.

This spot shines for all skill levels with its upscale stays and top-notch conditions post-renovation. While it's too chilly now for a dip, hiking routes beckon those after mountain magic without skis. Year-round allure draws folks here – crisp air in winter transforms into lush greenery come summer, so every visit feels fresh.

Canoeing on the Delaware River

Canoeing down the Delaware River, you'll find peace as your paddle dips into calm waters. It's a place where even new paddlers can glide with ease, thanks to stretches perfect for beginners. However, if it’s thrill you seek, aim for Class III rapids – they’re sure to get your heart racing!

Before venturing out, snatch a river map and pinpoint areas that match how skilled you are. Outfitters like Chamberlain Canoes dot the bank—pick what fits best from their wide selection. Remember: life jackets are must-haves on any trip; don't go without one strapped on tight.

Pack water too and smear on sunscreen when skies shine bright. When tired of adventure and ready for rest, our Turret Suite offers cozy nest. King bed waits with fire aglow; book soon our haven in The Poconos!

Experience Local Flavors at Farm Markets

Sure, let’s dive into the local flavors you’ll find in farm markets around the Sullivan Catskills. Say hello to Bob at Northern Farmhouse Pasta when you stop by. Started back in 2011, this spot grew from a wholesale pasta business to an irresistible eatery known for its fresh Italian meals made with ingredients right from nearby farms.

What makes it special? Their pasta uses only wheat grown here – think top-notch grains milled just before making your meal. Each dish tells a story of the land: wild ramps that kick up flavor or earthy mushrooms handpicked under the dense forest canopy are just starters on their menu.

Bob links arms tightly with farmers near Finger Lakes to get these organic goodies onto your plate despite hurdles like few processing spots and needing tight farmer ties. It's all about savoring true tastes of our region while supporting folks who till its soil. So wander through town after town here; ask locals where they go for bites or sip something new at one market then another over time—each visit's sure to add layers to your culinary map of Catskill delights.


Experience Willowemoc Campgrounds

Head to Willowemoc Campgrounds for a day out in the snow, where trails stretch wide beneath your feet. Put on some skis or step into snowshoes; you're set for hours of gliding fun. Take the easier paths through Wild Forest if you're just starting out—they give 15 miles of scenic routes that feel like winter postcards come alive.

For those who seek thrills, try tackling Burnt Knob's slopes— it ups the game with steeper climbs and views worth every breath. This spot is perfect: not too far from city noise but close enough so going back isn't hard at all—all within two short drive-hours' reach! 

At Willowemoc Campgrounds nestled in the Catskills, you're at nature's doorstep. Here, days are for fishing in clear streams or hiking lush trails with scenic views that take your breath away. Nighttime brings cozy campfires under starlit skies; it’s where stories and s'mores are shared alike.Whether seeking thrills on mountain bike paths or peaceful moments spotting wildlife, the Catskills offer an escape to remember – all from the comfort of our welcoming grounds.